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The Spinal Cord Injury Centre of Western Denmark (VCR) provides rehabilitation to persons with paralysis of arms and legs as a result of a spinal cord injury. 

The center is part of the Department of Neurology at the Regional Hospital in Viborg, but is an independent unit, situated at Søndersø lake in Viborg.


Rehabilitation periods at VCR differ greatly in regard to length and content. Read more about different courses of rehabilitation, everyday life at the centre and a few practical details about visiting, transport etc. (in Danish only).

Outpatient Clinic

The outpatient clinic at VCR offers help and advice to children and adults who have previously been admitted to the center. The outpatient clinic also includes patients that are referred by doctors who wish for a clarification of how the center can help. Read more about the Outpatient clinic (in Danish only)

Information for Health Professionals

Spinal Cord Injury Centre of Western Denmark

On this page you can find guides and forms related to referrals and useful links for further reading.



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